CNSIT Ticket System On Campus Requirement

In an effort to protect on campus resources, the CNSIT ticket system now requires an on campus network location in order to use the web based interface.

If you are connected to an off campus network and attempting to submit a CNSIT ticket using the web interface, you have a couple of options:

Connect to the CSU VPN

When you connect to the CSU VPN, you will create an encrypted tunnel for your traffic to originate from, and that new location is interpreted as you being on campus!  Here is a quick tutorial on setting that up if you haven’t done so already:

Send an E-mail to create a ticket

If you are not a CSU affiliate, and therefore cannot connect to the CSU VPN client, cannot set up the CSU VPN client, or just don’t feel like it, you can always just send an e-mail to our CNSIT Ticket System e-mail address!  Messages received by that account are automatically converted into real tickets within our system.  Make sure to let us know what department you are in with this method though – we cannot easily determine this otherwise and knowing will speed up a solution for your needs.

Responding to a CNSIT Ticket from Off Campus?

If you are not a CSU affiliate and are responding to a CNSIT ticket you have created.  Simply reply to the e-mail directly as you will not have access to the web interface from off campus (without the use of the CSU VPN client).  This e-mail will be routed properly as is, so make sure not to change any of the subject or message thread in the response.

If you are On Campus?

If you actually are connected on campus, and are not using the CSU-VISITOR wireless network, then something went wrong with your web request.  This sometimes happens because of corrupt cookies or cached web content.  Please clear your web browser cache and cookies, and restart your browser.  After restarting, try it again!

Click here for help clearing your browser’s cache & cookies:

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