CNSIT South Computer and Network Policies

Published on March 19, 2012 8:37 am MT
Updated on August 10, 2023 12:08 pm MT


CNSIT South (Hereafter CNSIT), include the following Departments: Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Chemistry.

University Owned Equipment is equipment that has been purchased using a CSU grant or CSU account number (not personal funds).

Personally Owned Equipment is equipment that has been purchased with personal funds (not a CSU grant or other CSU account).

CNSIT South Levels of Support

CNSIT technical staff are available to provide IT support for university owned equipment.  Members of departments that are served by CNSIT are not required to seek assistance with IT matters unless those IT matters are addressed within these CNSIT policies.

CNSIT staff are not required to provide any IT support for personally owned devices.

CNSIT technical staff are available to support any IT need. These IT services are limited to or subject to staff availability, in house technical expertise, and information that can be found via normal troubleshooting measures such as web queries, other CSU IT staff, etc.

Required Software

In order to keep CNSIT’s networking environment as safe as possible, you are required to have the following software. You must have virus scanning software, and anti-spyware software.  Please review the following regarding this subject:

Wired Network Connection in CNSIT

There is limited space on our network for personal computers. Because of this, some student owned computers will be unable to gain access to the network at times. If you do use the wired network, please keep this in mind, and only use the wired network while you are working to allow other students access.

Network Registration for Static IP Assignments

If you have a networked device that could benefit from a static IP Address, you may request one using a web form located at the link below.

In order to request a static IP address for a device, the device must be physically plugged in to a CNSIT network. CSU Wireless connections (SSID csu-net, csu-visitor, etc.) will not be allowed to request access as they are not considered to be within the physical CNSIT network.

You may request a static IP address at the following URL:

Naming Personally Owned Devices on CNSIT Networks

Personally owned devices on a CNSIT network must be named appropriately in order to aid in owner identification.  Please use your CSU NetID as part of the device name.  For example “rmmadden-laptop”.  Please refer to the following article for information on how to set this:

Use Agreement

I agree to the following statements:

  1. I understand that networked computing is a cooperative effort and I will make every attempt to be prudent and considerate in my use of CNSIT network devices and network resources.
  2. I will assess my network device prior to connecting to CNSIT and university network resources.
  3. My network device will have virus scanning software prior to connecting to CNSIT network resources, and I will update my virus software and operating system in a timely manner. I understand that failure to keep both virus software and operating system updated may result in revoking of all network access privileges.
  4. I will not willfully destroy, damage, tamper, alter, steal, misappropriate or use without permission any system, program or file within CNSIT.
  5. So that others may not use my account, I agree to use my account for my own work and to keep my password confidential.
  6. I understand that all software I have installed or will install on my network device was/will be legally acquired and I shall be able and willing to produce all receipts and proof of its legality upon departmental, college, or university request.
  7. I understand that violations of this agreement may result in the revoking of all my computer and network access privileges.

CSU Acceptable Use Policy

You are also expected to review and adhere to the published Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Networking Resources at Colorado State University.  You can find the current ACNS AUP here:

CNSIT Software Licensing

The software that is available is listed in the following Knowledge Base article:

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