WordPress – Copying content between pages

By John Purdy
Published on September 19, 2022 11:37 am MT
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This quick guide is for webpages using the WPBakery page builder. If you are unsure about which page builder your site is using, please ask CNSIT.


Sometimes it is helpful to copy detailed block and page elements from one page to another within WordPress. Each of the blocks in the WPBakery page builder is represented by code on the backend. Users can copy this from one page to another with relative ease and confidence that the structure will translate well.


  1. Open the Source Page for editing in WordPress
  2. Switch to the “Classic Mode” editor.
  3. Switch to the “Text” mode if not already enabled.
  4. Copy as much of the page content as needed. Most material will be between [vc_row]…[/vc_row] blocks. If unsure, just copy all of the content. You will be able to edit it later in the “Backend Editor”
  5. Open the Destination Page for editing in WordPress.
  6. Switch to the “Classic Mode” editor.
  7. Switch to the “Text” mode if not already enabled.
  8. If you already have content in the page, you can try to paste your content within the document. Otherwise, consider pasting your new material at the end of the existing material.
  9. Switch back to the “Backend Editor”.
  10. The new material should appear as blocks that are editable just like the other page content.
Screenshot of WordPress
Step 2
Screenshot of WordPress
Step 3
Screenshot of WordPress
Step 4
Screenshot of WordPress
Step 6
Screenshot of WordPress
Step 7 & 8
Screenshot of WordPress
Step 9
Screenshot of WordPress
Step 10

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