Echo360 on M2 Mac devices

By John Purdy
Published on August 28, 2023 10:39 am MT
Posted in Apple, Software, Tips and Tricks

On some newer Mac devices with M1/M2 chips, running OSX 13.4+, and Echo360 v6.0.773043798+, Echo fails to load its Software Capture application. It will get stuck in a cycle of “applying updates” and then “encountering an error”.

Please try the following steps to resolve this:
1. Launch the Terminal application on the Mac.
2. Copy/Paste this into the command line:  sudo /Applications/Echo360\
3. Hit enter/return to run that script (You will most likely be prompted to provide Admin credentials to run it)
4. Once the script has completed, restart the Mac.
5. After restarting, download a new installer package for UC Personal for Mac (be sure to select the appropriate package based on the processor (M1/Apple Silicon or Intel)
6. Install UC Personal.
7. Test  
Be sure you have allowed access to inputs in MacOS: EchoVideo-Allow-Access-to-Inputs-in-macOS

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