How to Uninstall Pulse Secure VPN Client

By Ross Madden
Published on March 9, 2022 10:49 am MT
Updated on August 2, 2022 9:27 am MT
Posted in General CNSIT, Internet & Networking, Knowledge Base

With our transition to the Global Protect VPN ( many of you will need to manually uninstall the unused Pulse Secure VPN client from your computers. This guide should walk you through these steps on both a Windows 10 computer as well as a computer running MacOS.

Windows 10

  1. Open the start menu in the lower left hand corner of your screen and type in “Add or Remove Programs”. …
  2. For Pulse Secure and all its related programs, go one by one selecting and then uninstalling.
  3. Confirm the removal of the program. It should no longer be listed in the Programs list or as an icon in the bottom right next to your clock.
  4. Reboot if necessary.


  1. Make sure that the Pulse Secure client is not running. You can check this by looking for the Pulse Secure icon in the top bar (right side).
  2. If it is running (you see the icon), right click on the icon and choose quit.
  3. Browse to your Applications and select “Pulse Secure”.
  4. Drag Pulse Secure to your trashcan.

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