Scheduling Meeting Reservations for Conference Rooms In Outlook Desktop App

By Aaron Vanasse
Published on June 10, 2022 10:53 am MT
Updated on August 8, 2022 1:33 pm MT
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Before we begin, add the room calendar you’d like to reserve to your Outlook. The directions to do so are here:

Click Calendar view in the bottom left of your Outlook client

Having added the calendar to Outlook, tick the box next to the room calendar you have added. In a moment you will see the current reservations already made for the room

On your PERSONAL CALENDAR double click the day you’d like to make the reservation

An Untiled Calendar Event template will pop up

Give it a Title and uncheck All Day and change the Start Time and End Time that you’d like to reserve the room for

In the location field:

For a Chemistry conference room type: chem rm and then select from the drop down list

For Chemistry Research conference room type: research and choose from the drop down list

The room will appear in the Required field. Add any participants you’d like to attend to the Required or Optional field

Click Send

You will see the reservation appear on your personal calendar and after a few moments it will appear in the room calendar you have chosen to reserve. A meeting invite will be sent to any of the participants you have added

To Change a Reservation Date or Time

On your Personal Calendar, double click the reservation

The Reservation template will open and you can change the date and/or times of your reservation

Click Send Update

The reservation will change on both calendars and participants will be emailed in regards to the change

To Cancel a Reservation

On your Personal Calendar, right click on the reservation and select Cancel from the dropdown menu

The Reservation template will open

Click on Send Cancelation

This will remove your reservation from your personal calendar as well as the room calendar. It will also email any of the participants that the reservation/meeting has been canceled

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