New User Starter Guide

Published on March 16, 2012 1:52 pm MT
Updated on November 6, 2023 10:15 am MT

New to CSU? New to CNSIT? Follow these steps to get started!

Establish Your CSU NetID

The first step in establishing your digital identity on campus is to create your CSU username which is called your NetID. When your human resources paperwork is processed through the university you will receive a 10 digit CSUID number. This CSUID number can then be used to create your CSU NetID account at the following URL:

This NetID registration process will also create your e-mail address and calendaring options. Your NetID is required in order to use most other electronic services on campus.

Become Familiar with the CNSIT Support Ticket System

The fastest way to contact CNSIT for computer related assistance is to submit a ticket at the CNSIT Help Desk website.  This system uses your e-mail address as your unique identifier.  You should also review this article on how to write and effective support request:

Check it out, and take note of this URL:

You may also contact the CNSIT Ticket System by e-mailing the following address:

Set up your Personal Computer

1.) If you are bringing a personal computer onto a CNSIT network there are a couple of things you will need to set up. If you have been assigned an office space where you will physically plug into the Internet via an Ethernet cable you may need to get in touch with CNSIT to have your port activated. If you do not get an Internet connection when you plug in, you should contact CNSIT with the 4-digit port number that corresponds to the port you are using.

2.) Install anti-virus onto your computer. Here are our current recommendations:

OneDrive as Personal Data Cloud Storage

You will want to begin using some kind of safe location for storing important personal data and files.  As part of MS Office 365, OneDrive is available, and is the preferred storage for CNSIT affiliates.  You can find more information about OneDrive from the following URL:

Confirm/Request Department Mailing List Membership

Each department that is supported by CNSIT uses e-mail lists to communicate to its users.  You can request and confirm your access to various lists by contacting the front office for your department.

Review the CNSIT Computing Policies

There are a few written policies that all CNSIT affiliates must adhere to.  These are documented on the following page and may be updated often.

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