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By Ross Madden
Published on October 6, 2021 12:16 pm MT
Updated on October 7, 2021 1:39 pm MT
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Teams Voice?

CSU is embarking on the next generation of Telephony using Microsoft Teams Voice. CNSIT is working to plan our migration at this time. We wanted to provide you with some introductory information so that we can make this as smooth a transition as possible.

When you move to Teams Voice, your telephone number is associated with your Microsoft Teams account rather than your desktop telephone. You will make and receive calls via the Teams app – not your desktop phone. Calls can be managed from any Internet-connected device on which you are logged into Teams. Audio comes from your computer or device’s onboard microphone and speaker or via headsets that connect to your computer or device.

Teams Voice puts your work phone number on your computer (and optionally also on your handheld device). You can make outbound calls by dialing a number, and can receive calls from any phone.

Note that Teams Voice is different than audio chats within Microsoft Teams. During a “chat” with another person in Microsoft Teams, you have the option of initiating a video or audio call to enhance that chat session, by clicking the video or phone icons in the upper right screen. Teams Voice is accessed by the “Calls” icon on the far left side of Teams, and is a way to make any phone call, regardless if the other party is a part of Teams or is using software, a cell phone, or a traditional land line.

The Division of IT has created the following Teams Voice content which includes some FAQs regarding the new system. Please be sure to read through this and let us know if you have any followup questions or concerns:

What will the migration look like for you?

CNSIT will be facilitating individual migrations for all of our users. This process requires us to validate all phone numbers with their owners and work environment, primary for 911 response data.

When ready, CNSIT will mail out to everyone requesting a web form be completed to gather some of this general information about your current phone setup. We will use this information submit a migration request with the Division of IT. Once approved, we will have a few days before the actual changes take effect. CNSIT will be communicating with you at both the time we submit the migration request, when we receive notification from the Division of IT that the request has been accepted and processed and finally, once the scheduled switch over has occurred.

What should I do with my old desktop phone?

After the migration is complete, you are free to unplug your existing desktop telephone and drop that off in your department’s central drop off location. Drop off locations will be posted here once established.

What about shared phone lines that still need a desktop phone?

Physical phones for Teams Voice will be available and set up in shared locations at a subsequent stage in the overall migration. Check back often for the latest news!

I would like to get a headset for my Teams Voice setup. What do you recommend?

Honestly, any headphones and mic seem to work just fine, including my wired ear buds that came with an old iPhone 5.

For something specific, there have been positive reports of this inexpensive Logitech headset available from Amazon:

Alternatively, there are headsets that are “certified” for Teams Voice. These are nicer in quality and much more expensive. Let us know if you are interested in a recommendation for a certified headset.

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