Teams Voice Migration

By Ross Madden
Published on March 29, 2022 2:55 pm MT
Updated on April 7, 2022 10:13 am MT
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CNSIT is ready to begin assisting you in your transition to the latest version of your office phone. Say “goodbye” to your old office phone and “hello” to Teams Voice! This article will discuss the Teams Voice migration process and guide a user through the transition from their VOIP based phone service to the Teams Voice service.

Teams Voice provides a new way to use telephone services at CSU. When you move to Teams Voice, your telephone number is associated with your Microsoft Teams account rather than your desktop telephone. You will make and receive calls via the Teams app – not your desktop phone. Calls can be managed from any Internet-connected device on which you are logged into Teams. Audio comes from your computer or device’s onboard microphone and speaker or via headsets that connect to your computer or device.

At the moment, migration is available only to users/phone numbers that adhere to these details:

1.) This is for a single user/single phone number.
2.) Users that do not manage multiple telephone numbers or represent a non-standard phone service.

Much more information and FAQ information can be found at DoIT’s Teams Voice page here:

Migration Process

The migration process takes several business days (around a full week or 5 full business days) to complete. The first step is to formally request the migration through the following CNSIT web form:

CNSIT staff will review your request and clarify any questions or concerns. After this, it will take several business days before you will receive a “What to Expect” email. This message will supply you with dates on which certain migration items are set to complete. One of those is the “Go Live” date after which you will be fully migrated.

At this time, it may be wise to review the information found on DoIT’s Teams Voice site:

It will take another couple of business days to proceed through the migration steps specified in the “What to Expect” email. On your “Go Live” date you will receive another message stating that “It’s Live”. At this point you are fully migrated.

What to do with your old phone?

For now, we ask that you simply disconnect and store your old phone in your office. We will, eventually, organize a way for these to be collected centrally for your department and returned to the DoIT telecommunications folks.

I would like to get a headset for my Teams Voice setup. What do you recommend?

Honestly, any headphones and mic seem to work just fine, including my wired ear buds that came with an old iPhone 5.

For something specific, there have been positive reports of this inexpensive Logitech headset available from Amazon:

Alternatively, there are headsets that are “certified” for Teams Voice. These are nicer in quality and much more expensive. Let us know if you are interested in a recommendation for a certified headset.

After the Migration

If you have any questions or concerns at any point during or after this migration, please check with DoIT’s Teams Voice site: first, most of the common questions are addressed in that document. If you are still unsure, fill out a CNSIT ticket here and we will help out as quickly as possible:

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