CNSIT and Configuration Manager

By Ross Madden
Published on December 5, 2019 11:45 am MT
Posted in General CNSIT, Windows

CNSIT has recently adopted Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM or Configuration Manager or Config Manager) to help better manage its fleet of computer assets. At the moment, only Windows computers are able to benefit from the Config Manager setup. However, it is the hope that the future brings MacOS compatibility to the table.

Config Manager grants CNSIT several management tools. Firstly, this allows CNSIT to proactively check for software and OS patch compliance. Using that information Config Manager allows for the deployment of software updates through the new “Software Center” that is installed on all CNSIT managed Windows computers. Secondly, Config Manager allows CNSIT to better manage a devices endpoint protection (think malware protection and detection). Finally, CNSIT will be able to more conservatively apply Microsoft OS security patches to these computers.

Software Center

Deploying software updates to computers has usually been a manually applied task. With Config Manager, CNSIT can use the new Software Center app to deploy software in a couple of ways. You can view the Software Center by search for it in the Cortana search bar located next to your start button in the bottom left of your desktop. From within there you can see information about software that is available and those that are required along with the status of their installations.

Required Software

Software that must be installed (think of the recent Adobe Acrobat licensing fiasco) can be deployed as a required update. With this method, the computers that need a certain software will automatically install it based on a schedule. You will see a “toast” popup in the bottom right of your desktop as something similar to the following dialog window examples when your computer is installing/has installed a required update.

Available Software

Software that is available can be installed by you at your request. These are available via the Software Center and allow for software to be deployed only when the end user requires it to be installed.

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