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By Ross Madden
Published on March 10, 2021 1:41 pm MT
Updated on April 25, 2022 2:32 pm MT
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We are pleased to introduce a major overhaul to the CNSITMeK Upload and Management Site. Not only will you appreciate the new organization and styling; you will also enjoy advanced management and search functionality for your submitted content.

Our content creation guidelines remain the same. You can review this in full at the following article:

Site Authentication

The new site relies on the CSU Shibboleth single sign on for authentication and identification. We use your NetID and official CSU e-mail address available via this single sign on system for identification and e-mail communication.


The main page for the site now displays a Dashboard with site messaging as well as a list of your most recent content – for easy management.

Content Upload

The content upload form lives on in spirit masked behind a new look. You can find the actual upload link in the sidebar menu or on the site’s Dashboard.

You can now choose which displays you would like your content to be displayed on. Once submitted and during the approval process, changes may be made to this display list based on the content’s relevance to certain display locations.

One other key change is the use of the old “Caption” field. This will now be used as a human readable identifier for the content. This will appear visibly in the site’s many tables to help you identify the content quickly.

Content Management

You now have the ability to update a content item’s details! Simply choose the item from one of the site’s lists and make changes as you see fit. Please note that changing anything other than the Description for the item will force that content to roll back for approval. This will force the content to stop running on the CNSITMeK displays until approved.

You also have the ability to delete any of your content items without CNSIT’s intervention. This will remove the item from circulation immediately.

Currently On-Rotation

You can now view what is currently on rotation for a given display! With this tool there is no more guessing (or standing in front of a given display, watching for 10 minutes) as to whether someone else has already submitted a particular item.

Search Functionality

Advanced search functionality is now a reality! You are limited to your content, but can filter based on time frame, or even which displays the content is running on.

Other Notes

One final note is that content with a status of “Not Playing” which has not been updated in 18 months are automatically deleted from this system. This helps us keep the database size down.

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