Custom E-mail Addresses for Events, etc.

By Ross Madden
Published on September 3, 2019 8:33 am MT
Updated on August 10, 2023 12:03 pm MT
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One common request CNSIT sees is for a custom e-mail address to be used for a conference, special group, or any other reason where a personal e-mail address might not be the best solution in the future. CSU provides functionality for a couple of different solutions; one of which will hopefully work for your purposes.

CSU Mailing List

CSU mailing lists are essentially lists of e-mail addresses to which a received message is distributed. When an e-mail is sent to a mailing list, everyone on the list will receive the same message in their personal inbox.

These addresses have an e-mail address the following the following naming convention example:

This solution allows for any e-mail address to be a part of the recipient list (not just CSU affiliates with an active CSU NetID).

Mailing lists are most effective when everyone in the recipient group is required to read the e-mail the list receives. It is also advantageous in that a list owner can manage the list creation and membership without CNSIT intervention.

You can can request a CSU mailing list by filling out the form at the following URL:

CSU O365 Shared Mailbox

An O365 shared mailbox is an e-mail address is a more classic sense. This solution maintains its own inbox, and is managed by members of its access list.

These addresses have an e-mail address that follows the following naming convention example

*NOTE* – There is also a way to add an alias address to point to these shared mailboxes. They can be a more compact and friendly version such as:

Access to these shared mailboxes is most typically done using its custom web URL. You can use the following tool from ACNS to figure out what your O365 shared mailbox URL is:

You can also set up an Outlook desktop client to read this inbox directly. ACNS has directions for setting this up as well:

This solution requires that access list members are CSU affiliates (have an active CSU NetID).

Shared O365 mailboxes are most useful when the access group will take turns in managing the inbox, and not everyone in the group needs to know about all of its traffic. It is a standalone solution in which ownership and access can be transferred with ease.

To request an O365 shared mailbox or to update the access group of an existing mailbox, please submit a CNSIT ticket at the following URL:

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