When is SharePoint a Good Solution for You?

By Aaron Vanasse
Published on January 31, 2022 4:25 pm MT
Updated on February 9, 2022 8:03 am MT
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If you have data that is best shared and edited amongst a team of people you may want to consider a SharePoint site. Some of the benefits:

  1. Included with M365 Apps for zero cost to you
  2. One consolidated and collaborative location for multiple users to store data safely and quickly on the cloud
  3. As an administrator of your site you can add users to your SharePoint site and set permissions, as well as other administrative functions, all from a central dashboard
  4. Works seamlessly with standard Office apps and instrument data can be uploaded for sharing
  5. Data is accessible on a multitude of devices <eg> tablets, laptops, desktops and phones
  6. Accessible on both Windows and Mac platforms
  7. Can be used to backup data from other data storage platforms like Network Area Storage (NAS) devices, as a secondary repository for critical data
  8. Enhanced security for data
  9. For more information about data storage, collaboration and sharing tools you can read here: https://cnsit.colostate.edu/kb/collaboration-and-file-sharing-tools/

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