Scheduling Meeting Reservations for Conference Rooms In Outlook Online

By Aaron Vanasse
Published on June 16, 2022 10:38 am MT
Updated on August 8, 2022 1:28 pm MT
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Open a browser and in the address bar at the top type

Login to the Microsoft Office365 portal with your eid/netid email and eid/netid password

Once you are logged in to the portal, on the left side of the page, select the Outlook icon

Select the Calendar Icon in the top left of the page

Your personal calendar will be displayed in the right window pane and you will see your current appointments

In the left pane, scroll through the rooms until you find the room you want to schedule and check the radio button next to it. You will now see an overlay of your personal calendar and the room calendar

Make sure that the room isn’t reserved for the time you’d like to schedule. Double click the the day you’d like to schedule a reservation,

In the scheduling pop up, your personal calendar should be selected at the top of the box. It will just say Calendar

In the Add Title field give your meeting a descriptive name

In the Invite Attendee field begin typing the name of the people you’d like to attend the meeting. Select them from the drop down menu

Set a date and time you’d like to make the reservation for

In the Search For Room or Location do the following:

For a Chemistry conference room type: chem rm and then select from the drop down list

For Chemistry Research conference room type: research and choose from the drop down list

Review your reservation and press Enter

The reservation will now appear on your calendar as well as the room calendar for the date and time you selected (Note: it may take a few moments for the reservation to appear on the room calendar)

Attendee’s that you have invited will be emailed a notice of the meeting

Changing a Reservation

On personal calendar right click on the reservation you’d like to change

Select Edit from the menu

Make any changes you need in the popup box

Click Send in the top left of the box

The change will be reflected on your calendar and in a moment reflected on the room calendar

An email will be sent to any of the attendees you have previously added, notifying them of the change

Canceling A Reservation

On your personal calendar find the reservation you want to cancel

Right click on the reservation and in the drop down menu select Cancel

In the pop up box Cancel Event and Notify Attendees you can add any comments and press Send. This will send an email to any attendees that the meeting reservation has been canceled

You will see the reservation delete from you calendar and delete from the room calendar in a few moments

This will show you your personal calendar and room calendar appointments

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